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A terrifying picture…

This picture scares me:


It looks like it’s simply the innocent scribbling a of a young child, which is kind of true. Until said child explains what the picture is.

It’s called “picture of mammy with two babies in her tummy”

Just in case you’re wondering, mammy does not have two babies in her tummy. She has no babies in her tummy. Which is good. Babies cost money (which mammy does not have) and another one would mean the end of working mammy, as childcare cost lots. Which is why the prospect of two at once is simply terrifying!

There followed much conversation about where the inspiration for this picture came from…

Long story short, my kid wants more younger siblings.

Keep wishing kid!


Things are a bit not quite good

Or they’re bad.

It’s funny how you think/feel like you’re starting to get somewhere with something and then someone comes along and replaces that feeling with destroyed self confidence and a little bit of betrayal.

Today, I am powered by kalms and chamomile tea. And I’ve managed to have a bath and listen to two albums, whilst all the while neglecting the blank piece of paper and pen on the table. And now I’m here instead. The last few days have been just as rubbish.

So, should I give up, or stand up and fight?

I’m not sure it’s worth the effort anymore.


Isn’t good for migraines. Codeine works better.


Scary thing you find watching you while you sleep…


Also, a celebration of finally getting WordPress app working again, I can post again, yay! So, I’ll get caught up at some point soon, hopefully.


Is thirsty work!


Going to see the Duckworth Lewis Method at the sage in Gateshead in a bit, pics and stuff to follow another day.

Have a good day/evening folks!

Crochet 101 – How to Crochet for The Big Knit

A little while ago, I got an email from Age UK about innocent big knit 2013. Now, I CANNOT knit. I’ve tried. When I was little, my grandma (an excellent knitter), tired to teach me. I suck at it. I recently had another go. It didn’t go well. There are now photos as evidence, as well, not even the cat wanted to play with what I’d managed to create. Anyway.. Back to the big knit! basically, you knit litlle hats for innocent smoothies. In the winter, the little smoothie bottles where hats to keep warm (they’re kept in the fridge, poor things) and everyone which gets sold with a hat means Age UK get 25p. Now.. I like smoothies. Particularly innocent, who use a portion of their profit for charity and general good deeds, and I like making stuff. But not knitting.

So.. I had a look for a crochet pattern, and didn’t find one. I eventually emailed the lovely people at Age UK, who sent me a couple of knitted hats to try and make a pattern from – This is the result:


I was nowhere near as imaginative as a lot of people who make the hats, but I’m hoping someone will buy the poor smoothies which end up wearing them!

So, for anyone else out there who wants to have a go:

Note: This pattern uses US terms, for UK crocheters, please replace SC with DC and DC with TR.

Hook: Use any yarn you like, and hook size 4mm-4.5mm, which gets you the right size hat!

Basic Innocent Smoothie Bottle Hat


  1. 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (6sc)

  2. 2sc in each stitch (12sc)

  3. 2sc in each stitch (24sc)

  4. sc in back loop of each stitch (24sc)

  5. 5- 9 sc all round

  6. 10. slip stitch round

  7. Fasten off and sew in ends

 You can embellish this basic pattern using stripes, or sewing on googly eyes or ears:

Small Ears:


6 double crochet in 3rd chain from hook

fasten off

Big Ears:


sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 3 stitches, chain 1, turn

sc in each st, chain 1, turn

sc in each st, chain 1, turn

2sc in 1st stitch, sc in next 2 stitches, 2sc in last stitch, chain 1, turn

sc in each st, chain 1, turn

1 dec sc, sc in next 2 stitches, 1 dec sc, chain 1, turn

2 dec sc

fasten off


ch 11

sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc to end.

Sam Baker Live



One of my earliest posts from last year was about seeing Sam Baker live in Gateshead, and there has been at least one since then, about the new album, Say Grace. Sam tends to do an annual short UK tour, and I try to look out for him. He’s invited to the North East by the jumpin’ hot club, based in the area.

The gig was actually a week ago yesterday, but I may have been hungover the next day like to take some time to think about things before I write about them sometimes. Due to some technical issues with the camera I got for my birthday (we don’t know how to use it) I haven’t got many pictures. Ones taken on my phone just show very shiny people on stage, because of the lighting.

Any, it was a brilliant gig. I drank too much because I was trying not to drink too much in front of someone who was with us. I decided alcohol might help with the social awkwardness, and well, I probably don’t need to tell you how that worked out! Anyway, it was a great gig, Sam was fantastic (as usual) and hung around at the end to meet people (and sign my copy of Say Grace – yes, I finally got a ‘real’ CD to go with my digital download).

The set list was (roughly): Cotton, Say Grace, the tattooed woman, road crew, white heat, ditch, interlude, isn’t love great, sweet hour of prayer (Carrie Elkin and Rebecca Kemp singing), (intermission), change (in a wonderful blues style, see clip below, as i can’t describe it well enough), introduction to feast, feast, panhandle winter (sam described the ‘meet me in Saint Louis’ line as his equivalent to ‘I’ll meet you in the field, where we won’t argue/I won’t hit you with a stick) , migrants, buttons by button, odessa, iron (complete with tour manager Rebecca Kemp singing, and a description of the song as about ‘codependancy, alcoholism, a car wreck, and betrayal’) , waves, palestine (Sam described this as about a logging accident, caused by cheap chains made of bad steel) , go in peace, truale and pretty world (the last few were audience requests).

Basically, the night involved some brilliant music interspersed with Sam’s wit and brilliant storytelling abilities. We (those of who’ve seen him a few times) think that the gig’s are always advertised as ‘an evening with Sam Baker’ because of his ability to tell the stories that inspired each song, and a few others too. In fact, I think the first time I saw him live, he talked more than he sang – not that anyone complained! RIght, starting to ramble now..

Suffice to say, Sam was brilliant, as ever. If he’s ever playing near you, I recommend you go, if you’ve never heard of him, download an album from itunes, or buy one online, or even in an actual record shop if they still have those where you are.


I’ll end with this…




Random crochet objects

Are all on their way to a secret location, for a reason I can’t disclose…



Hello and how are you?

I’ve been a bit busy lately. Not the good kind of busy.. The wading-through-treacle-to-busy-to-sleep kind of busy. I feel like I’m painting the forth bridge.. No wait, that’s a song, isn’t it?

‘cos life is like, painting the Forth bridge with a tooth brush, in the full knowledge that when it’s done, it will be begun again…

(For those interested, The Divine Comedy, Painting the Forth Bridge)

Anyway.. Back to my excuses reason for not being here. Stuff has been busy and I’m really tired. That sounds rubbish written down, but I am. I barely make it to the gym, there’s just stuff that needs to be done. All of the time. So! To avoid sinking into a pit of self pity, I’m doing one of those positive posts this evening, without further ado, reasons I have to cheer up be happy:

My new hobby – tatting- this is not popular in the UK, so I haven’t found anyone to teach me. I started with YouTube and bought basic patterns books with a book voucher I got for my birthday. I’m not very good, but I like learning something new. And it’s really helping my empathise with my beginner crochet people! So, I managed this:


My babies – not quite so babyish, still very cute. Biggest is at that stage where sentences are overly complicated… “Mama, what’s today after I go to sleep?” Is a favourite. And in true toddler fashion, everyone stinks/is stinky at the moment. And every game must have a story, and there must be a reason for everything, and he must know what it is. He starts school nursery next week, so I can join the millions of people posting pictures of their kids in school uniform on Facebook and Instagram. Littlest is growing up too, he tried putting words altogether for the first time last week. His first attempt at a sentence was actually the same as his big brothers – more cookie please! This came out as ‘more cookie peas’ but I got it (and he more cookie). He’s like a small bulldozer and is incredibly tough (I think his big bro taught him that). Today he is sporting circular bruises on his head- the same shape as the toy he was running with at nursery and landed head first on, according to the accident report! Tomorrow is the last day that the boys will be in daycare together, near my work. That makes me sad! So back to happy thoughts…

I decorated my bathroom – well almost, I need to paint the floor. But I did it all by myself (well, I didn’t attach the cupboard to the wall). I even painted a frame to match and made a crochet thing to make it look pretty.



I haven’t killed my chilli plants yet


Work – should never be on a happy list unless you have your dream job. Which I don’t. I don’t even know what that would be! But anyway, going back to work after maternity leave is awful. It feel’s like you’ve been consigned to the scrap heap for being a mammy for a bit. So.. A few months down the line, it’s getting a bit better, I think. This can only be a good thing and therefore is on my happy list.

I’m running out of happy things… I’ve seen more of some of my family recently which is happysad. Happy for seeing them, sad cos the reasons for seeing them are sad. (And if happysad isn’t a word, it should be).

Right, I’m good at waffling on about nonsense, I think we’ve ascertained that. Maybe I should practice being good at sleeping now.

Goodnight folks!