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Month: February, 2014

We have moved….


So.. The wordpress.mammylu site will stop being updated soon. But will redirect til the end of the year.

But, please visit us at from now on!

Thanks and goodnight!


Half term art

It’s half term, that means 2 kids off together. It’s also the day before payday, which means 2 kids off together staying in the house (the weather is a bit soggy).

So… I decided to let the littles fingerpaint.

I followed advice from the small potatoes blog valentine’s activity. We’re running low on paint (we only had ‘blue squirty paint”) but it still worked with a little soap mixed in. And we substituted cardboard for backing paper (the stuff you put under wallpaper).

I have to admit that this is the fastest clean up we’ve ever had after painting. And actually the first time I’ve been brave enough to let them both paint at the same time. And there were no tears at tidy up time!

Work in progress:



The creations:



Star pattern

I like stars… But I struggled to find a pattern I liked. So I had a go at my own.


I’ve written it in US terms, but for UK terms, just substitute SC (single crochet) for DC (double crochet).


Starting: Chain 2, 6sc in 1st ch (6sc)
Do not join or turn at this point, just continue to work in a spiral, using a stitch marker if required.
Row 2: 2sc in each sc (12sc)
Row 3: 1sc, 2sc in next sc (repeat around) (18 sc)
Row 4: 2sc, 2sc in next sc (repeat around) (24 sc)
Row 5: 3sc, 2sc in next sc (repeat around) (30 sc)


Row 6: 6sc, turn
Rows 7 & 8: repeat row 6
Row 9: Sc, 2 x 2sctog, sc, turn
Rows 10 & 11: 4sc, turn
Row 11: 2 x 2sctog, turn
Row 12: 2sc
Row 13: 2sctog
Row 14: sc


Slip stitch down opposite side of point, back to original circle, repeat from row 6, 4 more times.

I made a baby star, using the same pattern and some crochet thread:


Have fun!