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Month: December, 2013

Happy New Year!


Wishing you and yours a happy prosperous 2014! Be nice, people! Love from mammylu xx

In other news:

Mammylu shall be moving in 2014…

Details to follow!


Happy day!

Happy religious/non religious/holiday/day off work/Christmas – delete as appropriate


The reindeer food has been left out… The children are bathed, new pyjama’d and off to bed. Time to have a quick bath and panic wrap their presents!

Christmas and stress…

Christmas always stresses me out… Trying to fit in shopping, visiting, and everything else.

Last year, I wrote this about Christmas being stressful, with some tips for making it less so. I thought it was with a revisit, as, true to our normal form, we are completely disorganised once again. It’ll work out alright in the end!

My new scarf…


I don’t normally post other people’s patterns on here, but I had to have a go at this one! I made mine a bit bigger, but kept the wings smaller, so he doesn’t smother anyone. His name is Denzel the Dragon.

I saw the pattern on:
UK Crochet Patterns
The original pattern is here:
Six Little Mice