Crochet 101 – a bit of background

by mammylu

Crochet: An Introduction


A brief history:

  • Crochet has historically been used to make both clothes and furnishings

  • The word ‘crochet’ is believed to have come from the French word ‘croc’, meaning hook

  • Crochet is believed to have come from the middle east originally

  • In some parts of Scotland it is known as ‘shepherd’s knitting’

  • Lace style crochet is believed to have come from Italy in the 16th century

  • It was taught in Ireland, along with knitting and embroidery, in the early 19th century and became popular in America as people emigrated

  • Queen Victoria received gifts of Irish crochet lace and learnt how to crochet


  • Tunisian Crochet – This type of crochet uses very small stitches to produce a dense material, which can be patterned.

  • Broomstick Crochet – This type of crochet consists of crocheted ‘holes’ made using pins, with the size of the pin determining the size of the hole, to create an open fabric.

  • Filet Crochet – This is a type of imitation lace, which is usually patterned, using light and shade to create a design. This type of crochet is simple as it only uses 3 different stitches: chain, double and treble stitch, to create an open fabric consisting of square and empty spaces, known as bars and lacets.